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An Optical Guidance Systems 12 1/2 ” Ritchey-Chretien telescope was mounted at the site, which was located on a golf course on the North side of Naples, Florida. 

While many of the pictures shown in our “Gallery” section were taken with this telescope, it has now been replaced with a new Takahashi Astrograph discussed further on.

Optical Guidance Systems 12 1/2 " Ritchey-Chretien telescope

The optical tube assembly of the RC 12 1/2″ scope was made of magnesium – stronger and lighter than  aluminum.  This keeps the entire weight of the OTA to less than 40 pounds.  The mount is an Optical Guidance Systems HP50 made of aluminum. An Astrophysics  reducer brings the F/9 down to F/6

Telescope and Me

During the day, the scope was covered with simple, marine canvas, custom sewed to form 3 bags. The telescope’s electronic control box was stored inside the nearby equipment room.

A new telescope was installed in October, 2011. It is a Takahashi CCA-250 Astrograph installed on a Takahashi EM400 mount. A  Hutech 50mm guider with a Lodestar guider camera is shown on top of it. The camera is an ST11000. New Tak CCA-250 Scope
This is the Takahashi CCA-250 telescope in its new home in a clam shell dome in the Atacama desert outside San Pedro de Atacama.

It is on a new, gearless, direct drive ASA DDM60 mount. The STL11000 camera will be utiilized.

A - Scope in dome

Here is an aerial shot of the telescope domes at the host site in Chile – “San Pedro de Atacama Celestial Explorations”.

B - Field of domes

A shot of the host site in Chile during the day.

C - Field of domes during day

The domes at night.

D - Domes at night



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